Hearing Voices: Suffering, Inspiration and the Everyday

Long-running research project Hearing the Voice commissioned me to make six features on different aspects of voice-hearing for their exhibition Hearing Voices.

The exhibition runs from 5 November 2016 to 26 February 2017 at Palace Green Library in Durham and visitors will be able to listen to my features using iBeacon technology. 

Communities and Collectives - An exploration of the communities and collectives that can form around voice-hearing, with particular emphasis on the development of the hearing voices movement.  


Science of Voice Hearing - Charles Fernyhough, Ben Alderson-Day, Peter Moseley and Sam Wilkinson explore the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying hearing voices and the link between voice-hearing and inner speech.


Visionary Voices - Professor Corinne Saunders, Professor Chris Cook and Dr Hilary Powell explore voice-hearing and divine inspiration.


Listen Up! - During the summer of 2016, nine young people who hear voices took part in a series of arts workshops in Bradford, Leeds and Durham. With the support of Rai Waddingham (a voice-hearer and facilitator) and Mary Robson (Creative Facilitator, Hearing the Voice), they came together to share experiences, challenge stigma and create artwork for the exhibition that sends a positive message to other young voice-hearers and their families. In this podcast, the participants reflect on their contribution to the workshops and what they gained from the experience.


Literary Voices - Professor Pat Waugh, Dr Peter Garratt and Dr Marco Bernini explore the links between voice-hearing and literary creativity. Includes a discussion of the representation of voice and voice-hearing in the literary work of Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens and Samuel Beckett.


Introductory feature - Dr Angela Woods, Emma Hamlett and Dr Victoria Patton provide an introduction to the Hearing Voices exhibition and its main aims and themes.