BBC Radio 4: The Etymology of Entomology

Zoologist Dr George McGavin looks at the odd, and often amusing, names given to insects in The Etymology Of Entomology. This documentary was great fun to produce and was independent production company Folded Wing's first commission for BBC Radio 4. 

The programme was chosen as BBC Radio 4’s Documentary Of The Week and was in the Radio Times’ top 5 programmes of the week. 

An in-depth article on the subject of entomological taxonomy helped to promote the programme on the BBC Science and Environment website. Plus a blog post on Folded Wing’s website gave a behind the scene account of the making of the documentary.

It’s possible to make a case that speech radio has grown more intelligent, not less. Yesterday, for example, Radio 4 had a programme called The Etymology of Entomology…
— The Sunday Times
This intriguing Radio 4 documentary delves into the history of taxonomy…the programme is brought to life by experts waxing lyrical on landmark moments in classifying insects, the sounds of hissing cockroaches and staggering trivia.
— The Metro

Folded Wing production for BBC Radio 4. Broadcast in March 2013.